Choose the Template for Characters:

Further information: Template:Char Info

Choose the correct Color Schema that applies to the Character:

  • FemaleKaruta - For Male past and present Karuta Players
  • MaleKaruta - For Male past and present Karuta Players
  • FemaleChar - For Female Characters that do not Play Karuta
  • MaleChar - For Male Characters that do not Play Karuta
  • MainFemale - Reserved for the Main Female Characters (e.g. Chihaya, Kanade, etc.)
  • MainMale - Reserved for the Main Male Characters (e.g. Taichi, Arata, etc.)

Each Template needs to include the following values even if left empty.

{{Char Info
|weight=xx kg

Character Pages should be started with a brief description of a character. This should be short and give an overview of the character. The first sentence should to start with:
'''First Last Name''' (Kanji Name ''Romaji Name'')


This describes in detail the overall appearance of the character. The description should contain notes on important details such as clothing and personal item of importance. The description should contain enough detail to give a reader an idea on what the character looks like without a visual aid, such a picture to help them.


How the character acts.


How the character acts towards other characters and whom he/she is related to.


Description of the characters past.


Summary of what happened up until now in the characters life.

Karuta Style

How the character plays Karuta. This might be how others described the playing style of the character or his/her own observations on playing Karuta.


Miscellaneous information that cannot be fitted into the article.

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