Hello and welcome to Chihayafuru Wiki. There are very few policies which apply to all pictures. To can be find other categories, click here.

This is the wiki's Image Policy, if you upload or use any pictures, they must meet these conditions:


  • The file must always be in jpg, png, or gif format. Png format is the best format for high-quality pictures.
  • Images from the anime must preferably be RAWs. This means that subtitles on screen-shots are not allowed. If you do upload a subbed picture, an admin will try his best in re-uploading it without subs.
    • Why? Because the wiki wants images from the original anime, and text from the sub-groups is not from the original anime.
  • Give the file a specific name/rename.
    • Why? Because it would be harder to find and it doesn't describe the picture.
      • Example: File:123456.jpg is not acceptable, it will be renamed and moved.

Image rules

  • Please always check if the picture hasn't been uploaded first. If there is a duplicate, it will be delete.
  • Only official pictures are allowed. Fan-art and non-Chihayafuru images are only allowed for user pages or blogs.
  • Images that have been edited (other than for simple resizing, cropping or blanking out), will all be deleted unconditionally.
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