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Chitose Ayase (綾瀬 千歳 Ayase Chitose) is the daughter of Kenji Ayase and Chieko Ayase and the elder sister of Chihaya Ayase who works as a model.


Chitose is a beautiful young woman with slightly wavy dark-brown hair that she changes occasionally, light brown eyes, pink lip gloss and she dresses in many different stylish outfits everyday.

Chitose looks very much like Chihaya Ayase except that Chitose's hair color is much darker and she is shorter.


On first impression, Chitose appears to be a shallow and vain girl who's indifferent and unsupportive of Chihaya Ayase's karuta-related dreams. This is because she misses being fawned over by her younger sister and doesn't understand the appeal of the niche game. She enjoys the attention of others, especially they praise her over her beauty and grace.

Despite her seeming shallowness, Chitose deeply cares for her family and she works hard as a model to help her parents pay off their mortgage. Additionally, despite her apparent indifference to Karuta, she eventually comes to accept that Chihaya has her own dreams, even if she doesn't understand it, and even pledges to work harder on her own goals after seeing Chihaya's passion.


Ever since childhood, people thought Chitose was very cute as she was always the center of attention to her parents and Chihaya Ayase for a while.


Kenji Ayase[]

Kenji is Chitose's father who is very enthusiastic about her achievements and usually cuts newspaper articles in order to put them in albums and he also supports Chitose of her career as a model.

Chieko Ayase[]

Chieko is Chitose's mother who is very supportive of her modeling career.

Chihaya Ayase[]

Chihaya is Chitose's younger sister whose dream was to see Chitose become a successful model and she was very enthusiastic about her achievements, like her parents. However, Chitose became annoyed when Chihaya started focusing on karuta. At the same time, it started her own motivation to work harder on her career to become a model.

After Chihaya becomes challenger for Queen's title during her 3rd year of high school she is interviewed on national television and her social media accounts gain huge number of followers. Frustrated, Chitose tells Chihaya karuta isn't important. On New Year's Eve when there is a personal coverage on Chihaya, Chitose appears in a fashionable dress and pretends to support Chihaya, but Chieko Ayase and Chihaya realize she doesn't mean any of it.

During Chihaya's Queen match, she left for a shoot at Saga but her suitcase is exchanged with Chihaya due to a mix up. But even before Chihaya calls her to inform her about the exchange, Chitose had already left for Shiga to deliver it to Chihaya where she had traveled entire night and missing her shoot. She missed the first match because of heavy snowfall, but she reached it before second match.



Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • The name Chitose means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "year-end, age, occasion, opportunity" (歳) (tose), which literally means "thousand years, millennium" altogether.
    • Her photo magazine is entitled Millennium.
  • Chitose's surname Ayase means "design" (綾) (aya) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


  • Chitose hopes to be a supermodel one day.
  • When Chitose got a cell phone, she did not give her number to Chihaya Ayase.
  • Chitose doesn't support Chihaya's dream of becoming a Karuta Queen because she thinks that karuta is lame, boring and a waste of time.
  • Chihaya is taller than Chitose with a difference of 8 cm.
    • Chitose's height is only 159 cm while Chihaya is 167 cm tall. However, in Volume 2's omake, Chihaya was listed to be 160 cm tall, so Chitose's actual height is still in question.
  • Chitose told Chihaya stories about "New Year's Money" and Chitose said that she bought all expensive clothes from Chihaya's money.
  • When Chitose first got her shoot at a far place Chihaya made her a Daddy Bear amulet to keep her safe. Despite pretending to hate it, Chitose takes it to all her shoots.
  • Chitose really enjoys posing, stylish and expensive clothing and modeling.


Season 2[]