Daijiro Ise (伊勢 大二郎 Ise Daijirō) is the president of Kyoto Myojo Karuta Society, where Wakamiya Shinobu used to play at. He has also been a five time Meijin before becoming an official of the Karuta Association and afterward its chairman. He is working constantly to spread karuta culture in the western region (Chapter 177).




Shinobu Wakamiya

She used to come to his karuta society when she was a child. In order to improve her skills and wean her off throwing her matches, he kept her from playing with kids her age. Unfortunately, it also stunted her relationships with other people, eventually leading her to practice on her own. She holds a deep-seated resentment against him, hidden beneath her sarcastic politeness.



Karuta Style


  • He has written his own Book: "The fierce god that sets heaven and earth in motion."

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