The Sounds of the Waterfall is the 8th episode of Chihayafuru.


As the club searches for its last member, Chihaya encounters Yusei Nishida, who she last saw during the elementary school tournament, though he refuses to join the karuta club as he is focusing on tennis. However, as Chihaya observes him, she finds that Yusei is just using tennis as an escape from karuta. Chihaya challenges Yusei to a karuta match, in which he gradually remembers how he used to play karuta for fun before he was defeated in a tournament by Arata. However, Chihaya's play style helps remind him how he used to play, and after the match, Yusei decides to quit tennis and joins the karuta club.

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  • Nishida said "Karuta is about talent." The reigning Master and Queen in our real world are an excellent proof of his words. Photo Link
  • The current Master and Eternal Master, Naoki Saigo, became the youngest-ever Master at his age of 21. Since then, he has been the reigning Master (champion) for 13 years.
  • The current Queen and Eternal Queen, Saki Kusunoki, broke the record to achieve the youngest ever Queen title at her age of only 15. Furthermore, she has been staying unbeaten for 7 years, winning all the best-two-out-of-three title matches with 2-0 straight.
  • In Chihayafuru world, the reigning Queen won the title last year at her age of 15.
  • In the manga, Chihaya asked him to join. Nishida is shown playing with the other members just one chapter later. Tsutomu hasn't joined yet then.

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