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Haruka Inokuma (猪熊 遥 Inokuma Haruka) is a former Karuta Queen with exceptional hearing who won four consecutive titles and she has believed to have been able to win more titles, if not for her two maternity leaves.


Haruka has short blonde hair, large round eyes with vertical irises, rectangular dark glasses and she has her own "signature smile" that Kitano-sensei calls "her ingenious grin".


Haruka dedicated and passionate towards Karuta, and seeks to reclaim her title after her leave of absence. She pushes past her worries of being past her prime and being rusty due her time away from the game, insisting to herself that she's only just getting started, especially when she is faced against younger players in their prime. She seeks out the help of her former rival to help her rebuild her skill.

Haruka is equally devoted to her family as she is to Karuta, and sometimes frets over balancing her dedication to the two, especially as her children are still so young. Joyful to be a mother and wife, she sees her family as a blessing, and draws motivation and inspiration to succeed from their support.


Haruka's parents were also Karuta players. On weekends, they would bring her to the Karuta hall wherein they practiced. This is what made her skillful in Karuta.

Haruka won four consecutive Queen titles, each time being challenged by Midori Sakurazawa. She is believed to have been able to win more titles, if not for her two maternity leaves.


Karuta Style[]

Nishida compared her to Shinobu Wakamiya, but with better hearing and sharper game sense.

Her karuta has a peculiarity. Unlike most karuta players who rearrange their card formation as their cards are taken off the field, Haruka hardly ever touches her cards, preferring to keep them in place. As further the match gets, her cards become more all over the place. Her opponents have to be more precise in taking her cards instead of sweeping a heap of cards off the field so they usually find it hard to attack her formation.


Midori Sakurazawa[]

Midori was Haruka's challenger in the Queen match four times in a row, and 5 years her senior. However, Midori never beat Haruka. She told Midori that she takes cards as soon as she hears them, and that Midori should do the same.

After Haruka lost to Chihaya, Haruka asked Midori to practice Karuta with her. Haruka says that she refuses to lose without exerting all her effort.

Rieko Oe[]

Rieko Oe stepped in to help with Haruka's kimono when her baby started crying for milk before the start of the Meijin/Queen Qualifier finals. She called Rieko a kimono pro.


Aki Inokuma[]

Aki is her oldest child. During the middle of her match, Aki cries saying he wants his mama. He crawls into the room where the match is being held, loudly cheering for his mom.

Jin Inokuma[]

Jin is her second child. He is still a toddler and is constantly breastfed by Haruka.

Midori Inokuma[]

Midori is her infant daughter and youngest child. Haruka named her after her friend, Midori Sakurazawa.


  • (To Midori Sakurazawa) "I'm going to return. My passion for Karuta demands me to."
  • (To Midori Sakurazawa) "I absolutely refuse to lose without exhausting every ounce of the ability and strength I have."


  • The name Haruka means "distant, remote" (遥).
  • Haruka's surname Inokuma means "boar" (猪) (ino) and "bear" (熊) (kuma).
    • Her former surname Chihara means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "field, plain" (原) (hara), which is why she shares the same dear card ("Chihayauru") with Chihaya Ayase.



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