Isami Kuriyama (栗山 勇 Kuriyama Isami), also known as Mr. Kuriyama or Kuriyama-sensei, is the karuta teacher of the Fukui Nagumo Society that Arata Wataya is in.


Kuriyama-sensei is a plain-looking middle-aged man. He has a chubby face, and male-pattern baldness.





Karuta Style


  • In Chapter 142, one of the members of the new Fujioka High School Karuta Club spoke to a Kurihara-sensei. While Kuriyama-sensei was there, and there was another Nagumo Society member, it is not yet clear whether this is a typographical error, or Kurihara really is the name of the second Nagumo Society member.
  • He was in a photograph standing next to Arata's grandfather Hajime in Episode 1, long before he made his actual appearance in Episode 14. There was no such photograph in Chapter 1.
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