Kyoko Yamashiro (山城 今日子 Yamashiro Kyoko) is one out of seven certified karuta readers who is a 7th dan karuta player/former queen and the grandmother of Rion Yamashiro.


Kyoko actually looked like Rion Yamashiro when Kyoko was younger.



Rion Yamashiro

Kyoko worries quite a bit about her granddaughter's preference to have her read. Still, Kyoko did teach her some secrets of karuta reading that helped her in her karuta style.

Kanade Oe

Oe admires Kyoko's work a great deal.

Hisashi Suo

Suo prefers Kyoko's reading the most and affectionately calls her "Kyoko-tan".

Akito Sudo

Sudo attends her karuta reading school in the hopes of becoming a professional karuta reader.



Karuta Style


  • Her name Kyoko means "today" (今日) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyoko's surname Yamashiro means "mountain" (山) (yama) and "castle" (shiro).
  • Kyoko owns a rice field.
  • In Chapter 128, it is revealed that Kyoko is a former Queen.
  • In Chapter 185, it is revealed that Kyoko's maiden name is Hosaka.
  • Keiko Serino (one of Kyoko's voice actor) is a karuta reader and a member of the All-Japan Karuta Association.
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