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Light Novel 1 of Chihayafuru written by Tokiumi Yui. The Story depicts the happenings during Junior High School which are not captured in either the Manga, Anime and Movies. The first Story depicts the relationship between Chihaya Ayase and Taichi Mashima.

Short Summary[]

‘If we continue karuta, we’ll definitely see each other again.’ With that promise in their hearts even with the distance between them, Chihaya and Taichi entered Junior High School. Chihaya tries to search for friends who will play karuta with her, but her efforts are of no use. Taichi realises his limits at Kaimeisei Junior High School, where only prodigies gather, and loses his passion for karuta. The distance between Chihaya and Taichi slowly grows… Based on the episodes drawn by Suetsugu Yuki, this is the start of a dazzling story of youth and karuta!

Long Summary[]



  • Karuta Rules
  • Prologue – The Spring has passed
  • Taichi's Arc - From this world I think, That there is nowhere to escape
    • By the wind storm's blast
    • For some men I grieve
    • It is I alone
  • Chihaya's Arc - Autumn for me alone
    • A maiden’s form
    • For your sake
    • The only thing now
  • Epilogue - The falling snow
  • Afterword
  • Afterword by the original author