Light Novel 4 of Chihayafuru written by Tokiumi Yui. The Story depicts the happenings during Junior High School which are not captured in either the Manga, Anime and Movies. This fourth Story depicts the stories of Shinobu Wakamiya, Taichi Mashima.

Short Summary

With the promise to her friends Taichi Mashima and Arata Wataya to meet again, Chihaya Ayase is working hard on her Karuta but is set back again. She lost her Junior High School Karuta, she entered the schools track and field club, and has to study for her finals. All this let's her struggle for time to keep playing Karuta. But either way it will get her closer to seeing her childhood friends again. Now she just has to work hard to get into the Mizusawa High School.

On the other side, Taichi Mashima has become one of the best Students at the Kaimeisei Private Junior High School. However having given up on his love for Karuta, he seeks to fill the gap in his heart with his new girlfriend, Kagami.

This book also give us a small glance at the story behind Kanade Oe. We will find out how her "First Love" for the classic poetry changed her life.

In the end everything is for Karuta.

Long Summary



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