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Makoto Yamai (山井 真琴 Yamai Makoto) is a class A player. He is vice-captain and one of the strongest players on the karuta club of Fujisaki High School. He happens to be popular among the club's girls.  


Makoto has brown eyes, long thick eyelashes and has short, blonde hair (similar to Rion Yamashiro's haircut). Makoto is tall and well built and is seen in his karuta uniform. The front of his uniform is a "Fujisaki" letters written on it, on the back side is a picture of the Mount Fuji.


Makoto is said to be a bit effeminate; he knows how good looking he is and he seems a bit narcissistic as he blows his bangs whenever he gets fired up. Tsutomu Komano initially thought that Makoto did it because he was frustrated, but soon realized that it meant he is getting serious.

Makoto first felt disgusted by the poker face of Rion Yamashiro; Makoto claimed that his teammates are in love with her for being okay with Rion playing the tournament, but his teammates replied that maybe he was the one who was in love with her, which made him blush. As the story progresses, Makoto blushed every time Rion showed an expressions and he expressed anger when Rion was getting bullied by Sudou during a match, and hopes to be in her spot to retaliate, which shows he cares for Rion. But he acts like it's not it in front of Rion.



Karuta Style[]


Rion Yamashiro[]

Makoto reacted harshly when she first joined his team in the national high school team tournament, because she replaced a member who was doing well in the first place. He has feelings for the second-year player, which he tries so hard to hide and he also thinks she is copying his hairstyle.


  • His name Makoto means "truth" (真) (ma) and "zither" (琴) (koto).
  • Makoto's surname Yamai means "mountain" (yama) and "well" (i).
  • Makoto loves beautiful things.
  • Makoto likes to show off his long eyelashes by putting matchsticks on them.