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Megumu Osaka (逢坂 恵夢 Ōsaka Megumu) is a member of First Akashi Girl's High School Karuta club who is the strongest female karuta player in West Japan.


Megumu is a beautiful girl with a slender but muscular build. She is a girl of average height. She wears glasses and has freckles on her cheeks. She is of average height and has medium length black hair. She usually wears a headband in matches saying 'Do Your Best, Megumu', which is made by her friends in the karuta club of her school.

After entering college, she shortened her hair and got rid of her glasses, looking a lot more grown up.


Megumu is an airhead who keeps making mistakes. She is a "Yandere" type of girl, who acts calm & kind but sometimes tends to be a sadist.



Karuta Style[]


Yumi Yamamoto[]

Yumi is Megumu's opponent in the Queen match qualifiers and Megumu ended up losing to her.


  • The name Megumu means "favor, benefit" (恵) (megu) and "dream, vision" (夢) (mu).
  • Megumu's surname Osaka means "meeting, tryst, date, rendezvous" (逢) (o) and "slope, hill" (坂) (saka).