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  • Hey there, just wanted to drop by and say hi, and welcome back :) Cheers

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    • Thanks!

      I could help with the kanji for Kyoko Yamashiro's maiden name. It was mentioned on the latest chapter that was released.

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  • Hi Coldwave001, 

    I'm Lucas with the Fandom Aniem Team. I reintroduced myself and the team to Andulien, but didn't get a response. Feel free to check out that pot on their wall, but I'm just checking to see if it would be okay for my team and I to help refine the wiki with the release of the third season of the anime. We woulden't do anything major, and would most just clean things up on the back end and make some grammatical edits on major pages. 

    Plese let me know if you're okay with this and I hope you have a great day!


    Lder1995 (talk) 16:12, October 18, 2019 (UTC)

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  • TyA

    Good timezone relevant greeting to you! I'm TyA and I have the pleasure of being assigned the Chihayafuru Wiki's Wiki Manager. My job is to help assist your community in anyway I can to help your wiki be successful and to serve as a liaison between your wiki and full time fandom staff. I wrote up a short blog at User blog:TyA/Your New Wiki Manager with a little bit more details. If you ever need any help or assistance with anything, please feel free to leave a message on my wall or message me on Discord (@ty#0768).

    I look forward to working with you. :)

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  • Let's use this new Post for tracking progress on the Character check. I think we should have pretty much all existing Characters added as a new Page, but the have not been added to the Characters Section on all Chapters / Episodes. So what we need to do is to check Chapters 1-99 and all Episodes and verify or add the Characters to the respective Characters Section in the Chapter and Episode. Let me know if I didn't explain it properly :)

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  • Hey, just to keep you updated on the newest changes I've done to the site.

    • I've added the Release Date & ASIN of the English Kodansha Volumes to our Volume page
    • I've updated the Twitter on the Main Page, as the AnimeNews one hasn't had an Update since 2 Years. So now it is showing the Suetsugu-san & Middle School Authors Twitter.
    • I've also updated the Latest Releases section to now reflect the most current released English Volume and removed the English Chapter to keep it official. The Guide Book I moved over to the other side under Others, which could be used in the future also to things like the Card Games or Merch. should be ever consider to add them.
    • I'm also planning to play around with the most recent Episodes section to potentially add there somehow also most recent OVA and Movie, to give newcomers a better overview on these.
    • Lastly we should also update at some point the Featured Article, as this has also never been updated since 2015. Maybe we should add here also a round robin display, like I've done for the Quotes?

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions, or think that something should be adapted :D

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  • Hey, I did a check through all Chapters starting with Chapter 100, as I assume that we have added all chars in the past. The following are still missing. Here is the list. If you get a chance feel free to start adding. I hope I didn't double any. I've also added the Chapter of first appearance next to each Char. I'll help as well as I have time:

    Delon Alain 117
    Ishida 122
    Haruka Inokuma Family 119
    Tsukuba Parents 123
    Umuzumi (reporter) 125
    Hidakaya 127
    Tadashi 127
    Yukiko 127
    Mashida - President of the Karuta Association 127
    Hideo Harada Wife / Mrs. Harada 128 -- more of her in Ch 175
    Arata Wataya Uncle 128
    Tamaru's brother 133
    Satou Kiyohiko (mentioned) 133
    Motoki 143
    Miyagawa 143
    Yoshitoki Onigawara (flashback) 145
    Honjo 147
    Oki 147
    Hasegawa 147
    Midori Tamaru Family 150
    Naomi Suzuoka 155
    Okawa 155
    Miyamoto 155
    Miku Hara's mom 155
    Sumire's mom 155
    Akane Hasegawa 166 -- Different Hasegawa, different School.
    Omihito Kisa 170
    Yuiko Namikoshi 170
    Mei Mitsushima 174
    Kuronuma 174
    Youko Kuzuryou 175
    Yumina Koike 176
    Kokoro 178
    Midori Inokuma 179
    Yoshitoki Onigawara 179
    Maekawa Takashi 186

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    Andulien closed this thread because:
    Tasks are completed and will be continued in New Post.
    10:26, January 23, 2018
  • So I've started to implement a Random Quotes feature for our Main Page, so feel free to try it out. Simply put:
    1. Go here: Template:Main_Quote
    2. Edit in Source mode.
    3. Add between the <choose></choose> a new Quote.
    4. Example Code for a Quote: {{Featured Quote|QuoteText|Character Quoted|Optional Chapter}}
    Example: {{Featured Quote|It's my dream to become the Mejin of karuta!|[[Arata Wataya|Arata]]|[[Chapter 1]]}}
    Looks like:

    It's my dream to become the Mejin of karuta!

    Arata, Chapter 1

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    • where should i put the list?

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    • I have a starting list of quotes here. They still need to be polihed.

      Chihaya Ayase

      (To herself) - "I thought karuta was a card game people played for fun. But it's not... Karuta is a sport!" (on visiting the Shiranami Karuta Society for the first time)

      (To Arata and Taichi) - "Let's play karuta together forever!"

      (To Nishida) - "You can buy your meat buns after I beat you!"

      (To Taichi and Arata) - "As long as we keep playing, we'll meet each other again. I just know it!"

      (To herself) - "Now that I think about it, people always used to tell me that I was blind to everything but karuta."

      (To herself) - "Ever since meeting Arata, my life has been all about karuta. Always striving to become stronger and stronger, so I can one day enjoy his passion."[3]

      (To herself) - "Taichi's Class A now. That means...he's a rival!"[4]

      Taichi Mashima

      (To himself, about love) "You aren't happy even if you're with them. It makes me nervous. Nothing happened like I thought it would. It isn't fun. But I still want to be with them."

      (To Sumire)"It doesn't seem right to let a girl choose me. I would rather choose the girl I devote myself to."

      (To himself) "If Arata were here... If Chihaya were to practice with Arata instead of me, would she become a better player?"

      (To Tsutomu) "I don't have any talent for karuta either. It's tough, but I still play! I keep losing, but I still play! Because when I win, I feel happy!"

      (To Tsutomu) "Instead of a karuta genius, I would rather have our new member be someone who puts in effort on the tatami."

      (To Nishida) "Chihaya never gave up on karuta. Why don't you see for yourself how strong someone can be when they put in the effort? Or are you scared of losing?"

      (To Chihaya) "As long as you have a smile on your face, karuta will always be fun. That's the truth, Captain!"

      (to himself) "Chihaya...we'll have plenty of chances to try to become Master and Queen, but we only get to play as a team during our three years in high school."

      (To Suo) "Do not break with words someone you could not break with your play!"

      (To Sumire) "I myself have been wondering since I was a kid why was I given this name... My mother does seem like someone who would choose something unconventional and posh for a name, and yet..."

      (To himself) "I wonder if I managed to get stronger?"

      (To Chihaya) "I've always, always wanted to become a person who is not a coward."

      (To Chihaya) "Are you under the impression that I'm made of stone?"

      (To himself) "Those encouraging words and those days we spent together turned into a curse, and I can't leave it like that. I can't keep living like that."

      (To Harada-sensei) “Teacher, I’m not much focused on making Class A as I’m focused to become someone who doesn’t run away.”

      (To himself) "Now that I've separated myself from the team and am alone and on my own, for the first time in my life I'm actually having fun playing Karuta."

      Arata Wataya

      (To Chihaya) "You can't call that a dream. Your dream should be about yourself, don't take someone else's."

      (To Chihaya) "The next time we meet, it will be in a match."

      (To Taichi) "You are a coward." (on Taichi stealing his glasses)

      (To Chihaya) "I wouldn't show mercy even if I was playing a five year old!"

      (To himself) "If there really was a karuta god, he would look like Grandpa!"


      Hideo Harada

      (To Sumire, on what's so fun about competitive karuta): "That's something you can't know until you've tried it. And you still won't understand after you play. I've been playing for 45 years and I still don't understand. I've never been able to figure it out. That's why I keep playing."

      (To Taichi) "If you concentrate hard enough and practice with full dedication for a long long 

      time, your gut feeling starts telling you what card won't be read."

      (To himself) "Some people think the act of investing efforts, trying your best is more precious than the result. But for mentors as well as their pupils, that approach feels bitter. 'I did my best', 'the fight was close'... words like that blow past and die out like a wind. Only the result is a stone. The stone you can reach by doing your best."

      (To himself) "The ocean is blue and all, but there's no one here I can practice with!"

      (To Taichi) "Luck of the Draw is not about luck or fate at all."

      (To Taichi) "Those who have help are bound to get stronger!"


      Kanade Oe

      (To herself) "Nobody wants to give up their dream."

      (To Chihaya and Taichi) "My family has owned a traditional clothing shop for many generations. I love kimono. I want everyone to understand how wonderful they are, but we can only sell cheap yukatas... Our business is so bad that we can't even afford a model for next year's catalog!"

      (To Chihaya) "My love for karuta is fundamentally different from yours."

      (To Chihaya) "That won't do, Chihaya-chan. A woman must always move with grace, whether you're wiping a table or drying sheets. Or in the fight of your life."

      (To Chihaya) "In my mind, karuta is about the meanings of the poems."

      Tsutomu Komano

      (To Taichi and Chihaya) - "If your memorization skills are so good, you should be able to play with the cards flipped over!" (on being asked to join the karuta club)

      (on Makoto Yamai) - "This guy acts sort of feminine, but he plays like a man!"

      Yusei Nishida

      (To himself) "Tennis can never replace karuta!"

      (To Chihaya, about his match with Arata) "It's ridiculous to suddenly want to win against him only when he's right in front of you."


      Shinobu Wakamiya

      (To Suo) “5 consecutive titles... You seem to have all the confidence in the world, but Suo-san... what is it that supports you?” [16]

      (To Suo) “Liar. If it were true, then... where does that strength of yours come from? After all, you’re... not a god.” [17]

      (To Suo) “What is it, Suo-san? If you’re sure that what you have to say is worthy of my time and your enduring my hanging up on you 3 times, then fine, I’ll hear you out.” [18]

      (To herself) “Honestly, if I lose the Queen Title Match, I will have nothing left...” [19]

      (To herself) “Mother doesn’t really feel like family to me anyway... the karuta cards feel more like family to me. The karuta cards are... my only family.” [20]

      (To herself, referring to her kimono) “Heavy...having to swing in this, will I even be able to take cards? It’s a lot heavier than last year. 

      But... grandmother chose it for me...” [21]

      (To herself, referring to Inokuma’s card arrangement) “The card arrangement that makes taking cards difficult? Really? The handling might be rough, but I simply need to go and take the monk with all I’ve got, is all!” [22]

      (To herself) “Somehow, this is so irritating. Way too many people are obsessed over the 'Chiha' card for my taste...” [23]

      (To herself) “What is going to happen, eh? There is no way that these dear cards won’t” [24]

      (To herself, referring to Inokuma) “Normally, her formation is difficult to handle...but interesting... because I can clearly exactly I’m connected to the cards. She’s interesting...and strong. And it’s fun.” [25]

      (To Chihaya) “Huh? Rivals? Rivals? Don’t you think calling me your rival is undertaking too much when you couldn’t even overcome the eastern qualifiers?” [26]

      (To Chihaya, referring to Snowmaru dorayaki) “I want them! And I’m gonna eat them now!” [27]

      (To herself) “There was no warmth in grandmother’s words...and...nor there was disappointment. Nothing... there was nothing.” [28]

      (To herself) “This is strange.  Something’s wrong. Wrong...Ise-sensei, you’re a liar. If I’m standing alone because my strength is really so overwhelming...then shouldn’t I be...the strongest right now?” [29]

      (To herself) “I... love my grandmother... far more...than I always thought...but even if so...even if so...” [30]

      (To announcer) “Announcer-san, we hear it repeated often, don’t we...phrases like, ‘It was only possible for me to win because of the support of those I have by my side’...I did, but it was nothing more than just words appropriate for the occasion back then. But this year...those words gained some meaning behind them, so I can honestly say that it was the support of those by my side that helped me win...I’m now looking forward to the next year’s queen title matches.” [31]

      (To herself) “Gentle, clean, sharp and precise. When I manage to take a card in the way that meets these conditions, then and only then am I allowed to send a card. This is the rule I set for myself when practicing alone.” [32]

      (To the karuta cards) “I sincerely apologize. Have you sirs and ladies restored your exalted spirits?” [33]

      (To co-worker) “Speedy? I daresay my abilities are not lacking when it comes to precision and speed.” [34]

      (To herself) “I won’t borrow anyone’s help. I will live...on my own with the things I like.” [35]

      (To her grandmother) “Karuta... I want to make living with karuta, and I can’t! But I also can’t with anything else. I’ll become like my mother. Just a useless burden, living off her grandmother! It’s frustrating! And scary! But I still can’t! I don’t love anything other than karuta, and karuta is all I’m good at!” [36]

      (To her grandmother) “I... won’t lose even to meijin Suo! I’m the strongest player in Japan regardless of gender!” [37]

      (To Suo) “Please do not misunderstand, meijin. I only made up my mind to finally accept the request when I learned that you would be participating in this program as well, Suo-san. Nothing can be as reassuring as working together with the meijin.” [38]

      (To announcer) “It is my dream to always live alongside these little ones...these cards.” [39]

      (To Arata) “Who was it who claimed that he is the best high school player, huh? After acting all high and mighty you went and did what exactly Arata? I’ll crush her.” [40]

      (To Chihaya) “Oh dear, I’m so scared, so scared. I’m up against the last person I wanted to end up in a match with. That rumored female player at whose hands Wataya Arata suffered defeat.” [41]

      (To herself) “I don’t know what kind of unsightly game you played against her, Arata, but I will be sure to avenge you.” [42]

      (To herself, referring to Chihaya) “I’m going to avenge Arata... No, wait. Why do I need to avenge him in the first place? Whether Arata wins or loses, it shouldn’t be of any concern to me...I just want to see for myself...if it really is possible for you to be stronger than Arata...” [43]

      (To Myojo Society players when she was young) “Yes, I do. This is a game where you need to find half of the ladies and monks fast and first! So let me play. Let me play, too.” [44]

      (To herself) “Ever since we were little, I could never win against Arata, no matter how many times we played each other. For as long as I myself can’t win against him... I won’t forgive some random girl making him lose. My only friend losing to some random girl...” [45]

      (To herself) “Those priding themselves on their exceptional hearing are scary, oh so scary.” [46]

      (To Chihaya) “Be sure to make good on your promise this time.” [47]

      (To Arata) “What a surprise, I must say. I never imagined that you would actually make a team and take part in the team competition, Arata. It’s because you went and did something so pointless that you ended up losing to Chihaya, despite being stronger than myself. What happened to you? What meaning is there in having a team?” [48]

      (To herself) “Arata is not the same as always. But it doesn’t matter. Last year I lost to Arata, and since then... No. For some reason I’ve been losing to Arata ever since becoming Class A, and every time I recall it, it pisses me off endlessly.” [49]

      (To herself) “What’s with you, Arata? Don’t tell me you... you’ve been poisoned with the concept of a ‘team’ that incurably?” [50]

      (To herself, referring to Arata) “I... have no team. I have no one on my side either. And my only friend is... an enemy. The worst kind of enemy.” [51]

      (To herself) “How laughable. I went as far as skipping the birdman rally yesterday just to crash Suo-san’s TV program, and even donned a kimono today for the individual tournament, only to lose to Arata again... I got carried away and am now stuck feeling like a total idiot... There’s no way I can change. I’m alone, after all.” [52]

      (To Ise) “Ise-sensei. I will take you up on your offer to visit the Myojo Society. I still lack too many things, which is why I have to change. There is a karuta nut working her way up from the bottom to get me, and I’m scared.” [53]

      Hisashi Suo

      (To everybody) - "Are you a class A player?"

      (To himself, about Chihaya) - "I found myself a bride...!"

      (To Chihaya) - "Harada-sensei is good. I feel pumped up watching him."

      (To himself) - "N-Nico Douga...clap clap clap clap..."

      (To Chihaya) - "You're interesting, you know. You're cute, optimistic, not one to lose have both friends and a boyfriend and you want to become the Queen to boot? You won't."

      (To Taichi) - "No. I'm not obliged. To start with, I hate you."

      (To Taichi) - "In Karuta there are only 4 ways, right? You take the card, your opponent takes the card, you make a mistake, your opponent makes a mistake."

      (To his students) "Words hold power, and I ask all of you not to forget that."

      (To Taichi) - "I thought you were quite admirable. Being among all those people who love karuta from the bottom of their hearts must have been tough for you, since you yourself don’t like karuta. Even though you don’t like it, you still tried your absolute best in it. So I thought that it was admirable."

      (To Taichi) - "I don't like Karuta, either."

      (To Taichi) - "Although it's called talent, I think of it as simply your speed of starting a fire until you have it burning. Those with 'talent' make the fire catch real quick. But that alone doesn't guarantee how strong your flame will be nor how long it can keep burning."


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  • Do we include the Middle School Series on this wiki here or not? If not will there be a separate wiki created for it? hmmm... What do you think?

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    • We can include it; if it gets too big it can have its own wiki. For now this wiki is its home.

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    • Agreed, we'll keep a watch on the progress of it, if it starts growing bigger on it's own, it might be to much to cover just on this wikia here.

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    • My only worry is if it does get its own wiki no one might be there to manage it but us.

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    • Yea fully understand. We'll keep tabs on the Middle School spin-off and first get caught up more on the main story. Currently we are also the only ones editing here anyways so we'll just have to figure what will be easier to manage in the end and where do things get messy if it is mixed to much.

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  • So I've finished the Quick Summaries for Volume 1 & 2, up until Chapter 11 ;) Will continue more later or tomorrow, so that we start slowly catching up on that as well. However that will take some time and then there is still the long summaries missing uff... If you have time, maybe you can start working on the one or other Chapter as well.

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    • No problem. What I really want to work on are the unranslated chapters. I'll work on what we have, though.

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    • Yes, but as you said they are untranslated ;) So the only thing we can add are the characters for those.

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  • So I've updated now also the Chapters with the new Template, just fyi.

    Also I'm working on updating the Characters Page. What do you think about adding the images for the characters? Feel free to help there if you have time, as it is quite the long list to add all the information that has not been added so far. Thanks.

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