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Midori Tamaru (田丸 翠 Tamaru Midori) is a first year student at Mizusawa High School and a member of the Karuta Club.



Midori is the dominant one in the latest batch of karuta club members. She wants to assert her dominance in the club as well, by attempting to challenge the senior members to see who wins the most games.Her fellow new recruits hate how she wants to be the center of attention; when the seniors tried to focus on them, Tamaru walked out of the club room.

Outside the karuta club, she seems to keep to herself. She does not seem to have any friends in class, and just plays karuta by herself during breaks.



Midori joined the karuta club with Miku Hara, Souta Hashidate and Togo Namida where they are the third batch of members.


Karuta Style[]

Midori is one of the Tamaru Siblings, who are strong players with an irritating reputation of making annoying small talk with their opponents. It is said they mess up their opponents' pace by driving them mad with irritation.

She is good at picking up cards, being able to take even those she's not targeting. Because of her size, she can't go after the cards closest to her opponent very well, but she can snatch cards closer to her even faster than Chihaya Ayase.


  • The name Midori means "green" (翠).
  • Midori's surname Tamaru means "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta) and "round, circle, pills, purity" (丸) (maru).


  • Tamaru's parents are big fans of Sakurazawa-sensei that they even named their daughter Midori (翠) after her.[1]