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Momota Seta (瀬多 百太 Seta Momota) is a new karuta player at the Hokuo Academy Karuta Club. He has a very good situational perception.


Seta has a round face, which is emphasized by his buzz cut. He wears glasses.

He is short in stature, a fact that grieves him because of how it derailed his ambitions. He has not shown any sign of growth since his last medical examination.




Seta originally wanted to join Hokuo Academy's vollyball team, and worked hard to become a setter, with a chance to become a captain. But with his height, he could not be a setter and was told to switch positions to libero. Hyoro-kun found him crying in a corner of the gym, and invited him into the karuta club.


Karuta Style[]


  • Although he is first seen in Chapter 145 along with Oota and Mima, his name was not given until Chapter 150. His full name appears in Chapter 151.
  • Seta's surname seems to be a pun on the volleyball position he wanted to have, which is setter.
  • Setters are the playmakers of volleyball. Their responsibility is to orchestrate their team's offense and build up offensive scoring opportunities for the team.