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Oe Traditional Clothing Shop (呉服の大江 Gofuku No Ōe) is a clothing shop owned by the Oe family. The Oe family has run this shop for generations.



According to Kanade Oe, they could only sell cheap yukatas instead of the more expensive formal kimonos. The shop's business had been so bad that they could not afford a model for next year's catalog. When Chihaya convinced her to join their karuta club, she agreed on the conditions that Chihaya would be their model, and that all the club members would wear hakamas during matches.

Their clothing sales shot up after Mizusawa's karuta club began wearing hakamas in their matches.[1] Later on, the store's catalogs became available during the Tokyo regionals for the National High School Karuta Championship.

In addition to traditional clothing, Oe Traditional Clothing Shop also has lessons on how to wear hakama and offers a line of lightweight cotton hakama for competitive karuta.


Gofuku no oe

bolts of textile in the shop

  • The Japanese name for the shop translates to "Oe Gofuku." Gofuku shops in general are kimono specialists; some privately owned shops have a long business history and have a deep knowledge of kimonos.
    • Gofuku is a formal word for Kimono. Basically, a gofuku shop sells only kimonos. Although some gofuku shops sell only high-class, expensive kimonos, others sell the more affordable ready-to-wear kimonos as well. 
  • They also display fabrics in the shop. Despite its complicated shape, a kimono is made from only one bolt, or tan, of fabric.


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