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The Official Fanbook of Chihayafuru written by Yuki Suetsugu puts all information into one neat little book. Here we have a great overview of the different characters, their encounters and other information on the Chihayafuru Universe


As Posted below in the Chapters List, this Fanbook covers a lot of information from both the Anime and Manga including exclusive interviews with the Voice Actor and the created of the Chihayafuru Universe, Yuki Suetsugu. It give a good view about the main Characters like birthday, blood type, weight and their preferences. It then continues beyond the main characters to the Mejin and Queen and the rival teams that Chihaya and her Friends faced. It gives a summary on the history of the teachers, including the readers. The books gives us a short overview of the known Locations and then gives more insight into the creation process of Chihayafuru. Things like "How were the cards placed for each game" and Draft drawings of the characters are nicely explained. This book also provides all 100 Poems, a ranking of the main characters by their Japanpanne popularity as well as interviews with the Japanese Queen & Mejin at the release of the Book.

We also get more insight into the Anime. We get a Character design page for each main Character as well as an interview with the different Voice actors and staff members involved in the Production of the Animes first and second season. They answer things like: Describe your Character in one word and what was the most interesting point you played.

Lastly, the Book provides also mini features about, for example the Soundtrack, a Daddybear vs Snowmaru, Team T-shirts, food, kimonos and Chitose Ayase's Magazin career.



Note: The below Chapters are setup as follows "Part x - English in Chapter Title - Translated Chapter Title if different".

  • Illustrations of Chihayafuru
  • Part 1 - Character Files: Chihayafuru and Friends
  • Part 2 - Rival File - Detail Analysis of Rivals
  • Part 3 - Teacher File - The great Teachers
  • Part 4 - Chihayafuru The Stage
  • Part 5 - Chihayafuru Fuda - Creation of Fuda competition & playing charts
  • Part 6 - Chihayafuru Name Note and Draft collection
  • Part 7 - Chihayafuru Special Talk - Yuki Suetsugu and Chika Umino
  • Part 8 - Chihayafuru Meizerifu 100 - All 100 Poems
  • Part 9 - Chihayafuru Ranking - Popularity ranking of the Characters
  • Part 10 - Chihayafuru Mejin & Queen Interview


  • Part 11 - Chihayafuru Character Design
  • Part 12 - Voice Actor & Staff Interview
  • Part 13 - Character File Enquête - Major Voice Actors Questionnaire