Oto Toda
Oto Tōda (遠田おと Tōda Oto) is a Japanese manga artist most known for his manga Chihayafuru Junior High School, published by Kodansha. He debuted in 2017 in Kodansha's Comic Plus magazine with Koisuru David (恋するダビデ). He then went on to start the Chihayafuru Junior High School Series later in 2017 in the Be-Love magazine which is leaned on to the original Chihayafuru story by Yuki Suetsugu but based of the Light Novel Series of Tokiumi Yui.


Not much is known about the manga artists background yet. However he/she noted to be a Hojicha (roasted green tea) addict on his/her Twitter Account.

Major works


  • Koisuru David (恋するダビデ)


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