Ririka Tachikawa (立川 梨理華 Tachikawa Ririka) is a 6th grader and was a competitor of Chihaya Ayase.


Ririka has short brown hair tied in twin pigtails, and big ears to listen to small words.


Ririka, like her mother, has big ears that can hear the little sounds. She has a light aura when playing Karuta. When she is battling Chihaya, she spoke silently 'she got the card, but she's slow'. Everyone thought that Ririka was the next Queen to beat (Wakamiya Shinobu) but after she was beaten by Chihaya, everyone didn't trust her again. However, to cheer her back, Chihaya shouted 'chocolate!' very loudly. 

Unduhan (1)

Ririka was always bullied because she had big ears when she was a child. She wears a yellow hoody with a clover. She said that the clover is her lucky mark to Chihaya.


Chihaya Ayase

When Ririka challenged Chihaya at the Karuta Individual Championship, she was whispered "she got them, but she's slow" and that made Chihaya depressed.


Official Matches Record

Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Chihaya Ayase 21 Lose


Ririka has a bright smile while playing Karuta


  • Ririka is a good sport.
  • Ririka drew an imaginary lucky clover to Chihaya when she lost against her.
  • In the end credits of Episode 21, her surname is erroneously listed as Tachibana (立花).
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