Sumire Hanano (花野 菫 Hanano Sumire) is a first-year student and a member of the Mizusawa High School Karuta Club. She was one of the twenty member-candidates along with Akihiro Tsukuba, but she's not remotely interested in the Hundred Poets. She has a love interest in Taichi Mashima.



Hanano without her make up.

Sumire is of average height. She wears her long black hair with bangs and twin pigtails. She has golden brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform which consists of a simple white button-up shirt, a plaid ribbon, yellow jacket with the school crest, a checkered skirt, and brown school shoes.

She carefully enhances her looks with makeup. Without them she looks somewhat plain.


Sumire is very shallow and vain at first. Her first concern is getting a good-looking boyfriend. She is considers herself very beautiful and gets jealous when Taichi and Chihaya are together. She sometimes gets moody and sarcastic. She does have sensibility, however, and some poems from the Hyakunin Isshu can affect her.

She seems to be a reponsible and reliable upperclassman in her second year, when the new freshman recruits for the karuta club arrive.


Chihaya Ayase

Sumire considers Chihaya her enemy as she is very close to Taichi.

Kanade Oe

Sumire thought that Kana was her enemy as she was always rebuking her. But Kana was the one who asked Sumire to come back to the club when she blurted out that the only reason she joined the karuta club was because she liked Taichi.

Taichi Mashima

Sumire has a crush on Taichi since she first saw him. She joined the karuta club not because she enjoyed playing karuta, but because she wanted to get close to Taichi. In her first year, she joined the karuta club with 19 other students. She was the one that gave the question: 'Does Taichi-senpai already have a girlfriend?'. In episode 26, Sumire accidentally confessed her feelings towards Taichi.



Karuta Style


  • In Chapter 135, it is revealed that Sumire is quite skilled in creating chocolate-based food products.
  • She calls herself Mascara Shogun in Episode 41. Faced with Kanade's eyelashes, however, she says she can no longer call herself that.


  • (To herself) - "Oe-senpai is so strange. She brings out poems like they're candy or remedies."