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Hello all, as I really enjoy the Chihayafuru Series I am happy that I get to contribute to this great wiki. If there is any special part that you would like me to prioritize on, do let me know. Updates are frequently posted in my Blogs. Feel free to grab any of the below points and help in getting them updated.

Let's go Team!!!

To-Do List

Andulien's To-Do List
To-Do Item Difficulty Level of Completion
Update newest Manga Chapters of the Original Series Easy In Progress
Clean up Gallery Pages Easy In Progress
Add more Light Novel Info Hard In Progress
Add more Info on JHS Manga Chapters Medium Open
Create Long Summary for all Chapters Medium Open
Write more detailed information on all Characters Hard Open
Update Match Records for Characters Medium Open
Update Be-Love & Yuki-san Site Easy Done
Migrate Forum to Discussions Medium Done
Add "Chihayafuru Official Fan Book" Medium Done
Add Missing Chapter Images Easy Done
Consolidate Layout for all Chapters Medium Done
Create all Missing Chapters Easy Done
Adding Season 1 & 2 DVDs / Blu-Rays Easy Done
Adding Movies 1 & 2 Easy Done
Adding Released Music CD's Easy Done
Rework Media Section Medium Done
Update all Episodes with the missing characters. Medium Done
Update all Characters with Info Box and Images where possible Medium Done
Add missing known Characters including Character List Medium Done
Create Short Summaries for all Chapters Medium Done
Add missing Characters to the Character List Easy Done
Finish Layout for Characters Page Easy Done
Writing Help Pages Easy Done
Restructure Top Menu Easy Done
Update Main Page Medium Done
Clean up Templates Hard Done
Consolidate CSS Hard Done

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