Hello everybody,

if you are reading this, then you are probably a big fan of Chihayafuru as I am. This is why I have decided to start contributing to this community here to share a bit of my passion and the joy, getting from the Manga and Anime.

First up I noticed that there is quite a bit outdated or missing and I was wondering if there are still any active Admins around? I've seen that some sites and also the navigation can only be edited by an Admin to keep showing that there is an active community revolving around this Series.

I for my part have started with updating the Media section right now first as this will get me used a bit to the structure here before I move on the to the daunting part of updating the Manga Chapters. Obviously any help would be appreciated.

For the DVD and Blu-Ray section I noticed that right now there has only been one Volume added and all others are missing. I first tried to add them all on one page but considering the number released I quickly noticed that this will look pretty messy..... That's why I added a new design template for DVD's and Blu-Rays. See here the example for Chihayafuru DVD Vol. 01. I hope you like that design. Feel free to comment if there is something to be changed or added to it.

Once I got all DVD and Blu-Ray Pages created, I will update also the main DVD and Blu-Ray Page, which will then only hold the links to the different Volume Pages and maybe some general information on the Releases.

Well that is it for right now I think. I'll update again when I got some further new things lined up.

Happy Editing :D

Update 13.07.17: As a small update. The first 9 DVD Volumes have been added now and can be found starting here with Chihayafuru DVD Vol. 01.

Update 14.07.17: All Season 1 DVDs and Blu-Rays have now been added. The DVD and Blu-Ray Section has also been updated. Next up is Season 2. I'll probably get to it latest beginning of next week.

Update 17.07.2017: Season 2 DVDs and Blu-Rays have now been added in the DVD and Blu-Ray Section, as well as their individual pages. I've also added now the Chihayafuru Live Action Movies 1 & 2. These will also get a detailed page like the Episodes.

Update 19.07.2017: So I'm done with adding all Movies and DVD's and Blu-Rays. It took a bit longer than expected, but I wanted to make sure to provide as much information as possible and properly add everthing :)

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