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Yoshihiko Hiyuga (日向 良彦 Hiyūga Yoshihiko) is a class A karuta player and member of Fujisaki High School's karuta club and is the new club president after Ryoga Emuro. He is not as skilled at karuta as Rion Yamashiro, but he has the leadership qualities that Rion lacks.


Hyuuga ia a young man of average height. He has straight hair which he likes to curl when he's about to go on a match.


Hyuuga is a cheerful, easygoing person. As the Fujisaki Karuta Club president, he likes to cheer his teammates on for every successful move they make, perhaps to the annoyance of other members. No matter how bad his losses are, he can easily brush them off and focus on the positive side. He cares so much about his team, as when he lost a match in the nationals against Hokuou, he's visually upset about it, motivating him to do better in the individual tournament the next day after.

He likes to curl his hair. Sometimes he can get so upset that he pulls them straight, then he goes out and curls them again.


Rion Yamashiro

Rion is the vice president of Fujisaki Karuta Club, in which Yoshihiko is the president. Both seem to be on a good term, often encouraging each other and enter tournaments together. With Fujisaki's double leaders system, when one of them is in an easier match will take control as the leader in a team tournament. When Yoshihiko lost to Wataya Arata in High School National Individual Tournament, Rion consoled and encouraged him, with him closely paying attention to her match with the Queen after. When Rion says she plans to attend club's meetings in the fall due to her participating in the East Qualifier, he goes along with her plan, also planning to participate in the qualifier.



Karuta Style[]

Hyuuga is fast in term of reaction, with speed nearly matching Chihaya's. He has good kinetic vision, allowing him to keep up with his opponent's speed. When it's a card from his own formation, he tends to protect it with his body, making it harder for his opponent to take cards. Like other Fujisaki Karuta Club members, his body (especially upper body) is strong, and his core is sturdy and healthy.

He appears to be a quite strong karuta player, with him able to play with Ayase Chihaya and Wataya Arata (both are Meijin and Queen representative the next year) and lost with a small gap. It is also stated that he's stronger when his hair is curled.


  • Other club members call him Yoroshiko, as a play on his name and his habit of using the word yoroshiku.