Yukari Nishida (西田 優華璃 Nishida Yukari) is Yusei Nishida's big sister. She also make Mizusawa High School's Karuta Club T-shirts.


Yukari is a chubby girl with long blonde hair, her hairstyle is twintail. Her face is similar to her brother Yusei's. She usually uses her pink and white-spotted dress.


She exhibits a typical tsundere personality; she hides her kind and loving side within a mean and irritable exterior. She actually likes to help people out, even if she says otherwise. 

She loves from a distance. Komano didn't know she had a crush on him because she didn't approach him, and neither did Kinashi

She also has a preference for small, slit-like eyes, which is probably the reason she dumped Komano for Kinashi. 


Hiro Kinashi

Hiro is Yukari's boyfriend. She does what she can to support him, even spying on her brother's karuta club to make sure Retro-kun's team wins.

Yusei Nishida

Yusei is Yukari's little brother. She also supports him as a sister, though not as much as she supports her boyfriend.

Tsutomu Komano

Tsutomu is Yukari's former crush. She once preferred his ideas for a t-shirt design over the other Mizusawa Karuta Club members'. But when he took off his glasses at her request, the ran off in tears, asking him to forget her.


When the Mizusawa team won the second place at the Tokyo tournament and got to the national championship at Omi Jingu for their second year, Yukari made them t-shirts. But, at the top-right there are words 'for the second place' which make Misuzawa choose to wear their original t-shirt instead.

Her relationship with Hiro Kinashi from Hokuo seriously disturbs her brother.



  • In the Volume 6 omake, Yukari asked Tsutomu to take off his eyeglasses and show her his eyes. After seeing his eyes, she dumps him. In the anime summary episodes, however, she only had a crush on Desktomu, and replaced him with Retro-kun as soon as she met him.
  • She prefers small, slanted eyes like hers and Hiro Kinashi's.
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